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Nature’s Pet Cuisine has been in business over 18 years, and has never lost sight of their true vision… Bringing good, vibrant health through natural products to your home. Our story starts with our founder, Sabrina and her two prized German Shepherd Dogs, Amboss and Sheba. Amboss was a gorgeous long-haired GSD with a radiating aura of confidence that attracted attention everywhere he went. Expertly trained as a Schutzhund ll protection dog, the same type of rigorous and athletic training that police dogs undertake. He loved the outdoors so much that he only wanted to come inside to eat, but rarely barked even when provoked by other dogs at the fence. Over all else Amboss was a focused, determined, loving, and a loyal partner for life to Sabrina and her family.

Amboss Long Haired German Shepherd Dog

[Amboss, second from left]

At the time Sabrina was managing a packaging warehouse with her now husband, Ed. The success of her business and the familiarity of a day to day routine gave our founder time to think about her own health, and the health of her family -- whether human or not! Like many of us, her love for animals was present at an early age, but she took it a step further by picking up books on dog training from her local library in elementary school. She had no idea this innate passion would eventually put her in the position to help tens of thousands of dedicated pet parents just like you and me live healthy natural lives alongside our cherished four-legged family members…

Using her downtime at the packaging company, Sabrina would research holistic health solutions on her own in order to protect and care for her family. Although she was making sense out of all the nutritional information out there, she reached out to her long-time friend, Dr. Tracy Gibbs. Doctor Gibbs is a pharmacognosist who would teach her the key elements to natural health for herself and her entire family -- paws and all! With Tracy’s help she was sure to find the answers she was looking for, and he definitely put her on the nutrition superhighway!

So what’s a Pharmacognosist? A pharmacognosist is a doctor and scientist who specializes in knowing the properties of natural herbs and medicinal plants inside and out… then applying them to nutrition and medicine, maximizing their natural healing powers. In modern medicine, a pharmacognosist would identify plants for use in pharmaceuticals, but not Tracy. Doctor Gibbs has dedicated his life to putting his practice to good use; harnessing botanicals and foods in their natural state, instead of concentrating them into a pill or a synthetic version that might never be absorbed into the body. Sabrina learned how important natural enzymes are to the health of her pets, and how they’re normally cooked out or altogether removed from most name brand pet foods. She also learned about the wide-reaching harmful effects of synthetic chemicals like Ethoxyquin, which are used to preserve traditional dry dog foods.


Ethoxyquin is commonly used as a pesticide around the world, and is banned from use as a food additive in the European union as well as Australia. The FDA has been slow to recognize the dangers of this harmful chemical, despite doctors of veterinary medicine petitioning in mass to get this chemical removed from dry dog foods. You can read more about these efforts and the harmfulness of ethoxyquin by reading our Why Go Holistic page, or by visiting http://www.holisticvetpetcare.net/ethoxyquin.htm.


Not content with just learning, our founder was determined to find ways to put the myriads of healthy facts she learned from Dr. Gibbs to good use. In the mean time, Sabrina was keeping herself even busier by training Amboss alongside K-9 officers from departments all across California. 

Whether they were demonstrating how a dog can take down a fleeing suspect or showing that powerful nose at work by sniffing out bombs and other illicit substances, Amboss drew people toward him with his magnetic attitude and lustrous healthy coat. Sabrina handled him with such confidence, she inspired one young girl at a school demonstration to pipe up and ask how she can be a police lady just like her! Imagine the crowds surprise when they learned how she wasn’t a police officer, she just loved her dog and knew the training made him happy!

It wasn’t long before Sabrina made life-long friendships with the officers she trained with... and even opened her house to them and their better halves! She became so close with them, she would sometimes ride to an event in the passenger seat of the patrol unit. On the way down to one event in Newport Beach, Sabrina rode with a close friend and his furry partner, Baron, in a caravan with her husband, Ed, and partner Amboss leading the way. You can imagine how nervous Ed was, driving thirty miles toward the beach with seven black and white patrol units lined up behind him! While he decided to obey every single traffic law he remembered from drivers education, the police got so bored going the speed limit they finally had Sabrina call him on his cell and tell him to hurry up! They’ll watch his back and make sure he doesn’t get a ticket!

With Sabrina applying the secrets of total holistic health to her pets diet, and supplementing with rigorous exercise, Amboss was performing paws-and-tails ahead of the competition. Soon all the officers were begging for the secret to Amboss’ shiny coat, healthy teeth, and laser focus!

As Sabrina starting sharing the secrets of good nutrition with the officers, fate decided to step in and knock on her door with a huge opportunity in disguise. Her long time friend, Jeff, and his company Canine Caviar needed a distributor for his new line of holistic dog food. Sabrina believed in his product and agreed to do anything possible to educate the public, eventually making both their products stronger and healthier as a result!

Next thing you know K-9 officers across the state were caring for their partners with a new, healthier, Canine Caviar dinner… and the officers noticed a huge improvement, sometimes within a week! She soon became the regional expert on responsible, healthy pet care and good nutrition. People were coming from far and wide with questions on how to best care for their pet, receiving life-saving advice on food allergies, hot spots, loose stools --you name it! With her phone ringing off the hook, she knew she was close to achieving her life-long dream of helping animals and the people who love them, live better, more fulfilling lives.

In a cruel twist of fate, just as she was becoming a fixture at different events and a well recognized name amongst Southern California pet lovers… her long time partner, Amboss, passed away of natural causes at the age of 14… and Sheba followed not long after. Even when you see it coming, it’s impossible to prepare for the loss of a beloved family member. Thrown into depression, Sabrina was again met with a challenge, continue with packaging? Or dive deep into her dream, bringing holistic health foods and products to furry families all around the nation?

Tough as it was to lose Amboss, she was now faced with a choice she couldn’t ignore. As driven and capable as her and her team was, there was simply not enough time in the day to run two highly successful businesses back to back. She knew she now had the following, knowledge, and support network to influence the way pet parents cared for their family, but she never once imagined herself running a retail store. Imagine finally being able to realize your dream, but not having a say on how you do it! The choice was made for her… if Sabrina was going to spread good health to good people, she would have to sell her products and the products she believed in to as wide an audience as possible. Our founder would have to press on for Amboss and Sheba, making sure other dogs and cats had a chance to live a full healthy life. She would enable parents to provide the kind of life she provided out of a deep well of love daily for her family… and she would do it through bringing that same truthful love to Nature’s Pet Cuisine. 

With a newfound sense of determination, Sabrina and her team start operating retail stands at local farmers markets and community fairs, eventually creating a kiosk in the Brea Mall! She spent years testing and trying holistic products, reaching out to the manufacturers to make sure all the products she stocked would positively benefit every customer who tries them. That’s where all her determination and love for animals finally paid off. A media mogul from the Big Apple recognized she had what it takes to truly deliver real impactful change to pet lovers everywhere… and thats when he made her the offer of a lifetime: Let me fly you out to New York, and fund your next location in the Time Warner Center, where you’ll open a new location in at the Columbus Circle!! This means she had a chance to spread good health to pet families all over the east coast, right from the heart of Manhattan!

Sabrina reached the point where her dream could not be ignored. Everywhere she went people asked her questions about how to best care for their furry family members. From puppies with adrenal issues, older dogs with terrible constipation, or even kitties with fussy eating habits, Nature’s Pet Cuisine was making a huge difference while growing alongside their customers. The little Manhattan kiosk was soon a bustling center for loving pet owners to consult well trained employees on the finest holistic remedies for their pets. Sabrina had kept her promise and opened the store on behalf of her new business partner.


New opportunities mean new challenges… and our founder was spread thin managing kiosks, events, and booths on west and east coast simultaneously... With the Manhattan kiosk performing well, Sabrina decided it was time to refocus her efforts back home and allow our friend in media to take over operations. 

Unfortunately, the businessman was so tied to having her run the store, he decided to close the kiosk when he learned she was headed out west. With a heavy heart, Sabrina closed the Manhattan kiosk. The decision was made, it would’ve been easy to allow doubt to consume her and halt her business, but she knew she had to press on... and lucky for at least one set of loving pet parents in need, she did!

When our founder returned to Southern California, she ran into a woman who was plagued by a late stage of skin cancer… who pursued holistic health solutions for herself and in the process learned how important it was for her pets. They say dogs take after their owners, and her Schnauzer mix was sadly suffering from chronic skin issues as well... She met Sabrina at an event and picked her brain for any solutions to her baby’s incessant itching, scratching, and dandruff. Sabrina recommended Cocotherapy Organic Virgin Coconut Oil  twice daily to heal and revitalize the skin, and even made sure to mention it was safe for human use. The impact she had on the lives of these two loving companions was dramatic.

When she ran into them a few months later, both the Schnauzer and her mommy had greatly improved skin, no open sores, no flaky dandruff or irritated dermis! They were on the road to a deep and lasting recovery… all thanks to Nature’s Pet Cuisine. This is when Sabrina knew she had made the right choice, change starts with you and your home… it was time for the next step!

Inspired by the impact on the lives of her customers right in her own backyard, our founder decided to open one of the first completely organic and holistic pet food boutiques in California. Making sure her customers always had a place to find her when they were in need. Creating a storefront solidified her bond with the community, and ensured she was available to her friends and neighbors every day! Naturally, this huge step wasn’t enough for Sabrina… She had to make sure that the whole word was able to see the dramatic healing effects natural food and health products would bring. It was time for another frontier… making good health available to the world through her shop on the internet!

Here at Nature’s Pet Cuisine, we’re committed to pressing forward… keeping the original dream alive, positively affecting the lives of loving families like yours and mine one family in need at a time! We hope that you’ll join our family of dedicated and caring people, and make a difference in the lives of those furry family members that are always happy to see us, love unconditionally, and never let us down! Start making a difference today, Contact Us with any questions or Start Shopping and experience the healthy change following your dreams can bring!



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