Privacy Policy

What is your privacy policy?

   Nature's Pet Cuisine is committed to the complete privacy and security of your shopping experience. No outside firm or entity will be able to view your account information, your purchasing history, or your credit card number. Your personal information will not be sold, and you can withdraw your name and close your account at any time.

How do I contact you?

    To contact us at (888) 410-3339.  Someone will always be available Monday through Friday 9AM to 6PM Pacific Standard Time or Saturdays 10AM to 4:30PM. You can also leave a message on off-hours and someone will return your call on the next day. Our in-store customer service people are happy to assist you with any questions.

When will my credit card be charged?

    Your credit card will be charged at the time the order is shipped. Any back-orders are charged at time of shipping.

Do you accept checks or money orders?

    We are unable to accept checks or money orders at this time. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER.

Will I pay sales tax?

    Orders shipping to addresses in California are subject to California state sales tax.

Can I make changes to my order?

    Orders are processed when received. To make a change, please call our customer service department at (888) 410-3339 as soon as possible. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request.

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