Key Ingredients

Nutrients Protein/Fat Beneficial Grains Herbs
Prebiotics Lamb/Chicken Pearl Millet Yucca
Beta-Carotene White Fish/Beaver Brown Rice Chicory
Chlorophyll Chicken Fat/Flaxeed   Peppermint
Omega 3:6 Canola and Borage Oil   Sun-Cured Kelp
Lecithin Venison/Venison Tripe   Rose Hips
Lignin's Duck / Turkey   Parsley Garlic
  Coconut and Prim Rose Oil   Sun-Cured Alfalfa

Canine Caviar products uses hormone, pesticide and antibiotic free chicken and lamb that are raised in a free range type of environment. The lamb comes from New Zealand and is scrappie free. 

Canine Caviar products uses Yucca Root instead of Glucosamine and Chondroitin as it has a 30 year track record with greyhounds and horses. Canine Caviar also feels if you want to use these ingredients your pet should be given human edible supplements. 

Canine Caviar products does not put fruits and vegetables in the regular diets as we feel they should be fed fresh as nutrients are lost during the cooking process. 

Canine Caviar products uses only human grade / edible ingredients that are GMO free. 

Canine Caviar products is only cooked for 6 seconds which stimulates the enzymatic process, instead of killing the enzymes off and having to add them back in later. Canine Caviar has the highest digestibility at 91-93%. 

Canine Caviar products uses prebiotics; not probiotics. Prebiotics work with the flora in the intestinal tract, where probiotics replace the flora in the intestinal tract and are generally GMO. 

Canine Caviar products uses Pearl Millet instead of white rice. The Pearl Millet lowers the glycemic index and creates a more even burn and lowers the risk of diabetes and other ailments. 

Canine Caviar products has Chicory Root, which reduces the amount of pathogens in the intestinal tract. 

Canine Caviar products has lecithin to the diet, which helps with absorption of fats and proteins. 

Canine Caviar products has alfalfa and kelp for the stomach, garlic for the immune system, yucca for hip and joint support and rose hips for added vitamin C.


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