Ingredient Profiles

Dehydrated Chicken (Human Grade) is lean carcass that has been dried, contains 8 times more protein than chicken. Chicken provides protein, calcium, phosphorus and many trace minerals. We use anti-biotic, hormone and pesticide free chicken that is raised free range. 

Dehydrated Lamb (Human Grade) is the lean carcass that has been dried, contains 8 times more protein than lamb. New Zealand lamb is certified Scrappie-free. Lamb refers to animals less than two years of age. This rich protein source also contributes calcium and phosphorus as well as other vital trace minerals. We use anti-biotic, hormone and pesticide free lamb that is raised free range. 

Venison Meal (Human Grade) is the lean carcass. This rich protein source also contributes calcium and phosphorus as well as other vital trace minerals. We use anti-biotic, hormone and pesticide free venison that is raised in a free range. 

Split Pea (USDA #1 Grade) is a high protein food and a very good source of potassium and the B-vitamins. Complex carbohydrates, which split peas provide, release energy slowly to the body to maintain a consistent energy level. Split Peas are a good source of folate (heart Health), vitamin K1, which activates osteocalcin (bone health). Split peas are also a good source of iron, necessary for normal blood cell formation and function and a very good source of vitamin C, which protects many energy-producing cells and systems in the body from free radical damage. 

Pearl Millet (USDA #1 Grade) is highly nutritious, non-glutinous, non-acid forming, beneficial to the stomach, spleen and pancreas, considered to be one of the least allergenic and most digestible grains available. Millet is a good source of fiber, a complete protein and is rich in phytochemicals, which lowers cholesterol and the risk of cancer. Millet is one of the best grains for intestinal disorders and is ideal for the management of blood sugar. 

Brown Rice (USDA #1 Grade) Contains a generous supply of B vitamins, plus calcium, phosphorus and iron. It is also very nutritious, and of all the grains is the most easily digested and least likely to cause allergic reactions. Brown Rice clears up psoriasis, is an anticancer and anti-diarrheal. Brown rice lowers cholesterol and prevents kidney stones. 

Chicken Fat (Human Grade) is rich in Omega 6 fatty acid. We use chicken fat that comes from hormone, pesticide and anti-biotic free chickens. 

White Fish (Human Grade) is a rich protein source, providing omega-3 fatty acids and valuable bone components such as calcium and phosphorus. White fish is beneficial to heart health, reduces the risk of cancer and Chrohn's disease, and strengthens the immune system. 

Sun-Cured Alfalfa (USDA #1 Grade) aids in healing allergies, neutralizes stomach ailments, contains chlorophyll to help bad breath, helps prevent tooth decay; cleanses the kidneys, removes poisons from the body; neutralizes acids; is an excellent blood purifier; improves the appetite and aids in the assimilation of protein, calcium and other nutrients. 

Flaxseed (USDA #1 Grade) is one of the richest known sources for Omega-3 fatty acids. Flaxseed contains lignin's, which may protect against cancer, improves digestion, helps alleviate disorders of the colon, is soothing to the stomach and intestinal linings and helps put sheen on the coat. 

Kelp is the mother of all ingredients, a rich source of vitamins, minerals including essential trace minerals for balanced growth, health and reproduction, aids in digestion, helps maintain a healthy stomach, reduces the risk of poisoning from environmental pollution, promotes healthy skin and coat and helps cleans the kidneys, bladder and uterus. We use kelp that comes from the coldest waters of Norway. 

Beet Pulp Shreds (Prebiotic) are the ideal source of moderately fermentable fiber and provides nutrition for naturally occurring prebiotics. Beet pulp in the diet encourages colonization of bacteria, which best ferment or digest and discourage those organisms which do not effectively ferment fiber. There is no red color, since sugar beets are white and has an index of 0 on the glycemic index. 

Garlic (USDA #1 Grade) is a natural anti-biotic that has the ability to destroy harmful bacteria and at the same time leave behind beneficial bacteria. Garlic strengthens the heart, nourishes the stomach, spleen and lungs, improves circulation, stimulates the immune system, reduces gastrointestinal upsets, reduces inflammation, reduces fatigue and inhibits cancer cell formation. 

Licithin aids in digestion and absorption of fat, lowers cholesterol, improves physical performance, and liver function. Papaya provides a rich source of the proteolytic enzymes. These chemicals enable the digestion of protein. Papaya is an excellent source of vitamin C and is rich in carotene. 

Chicory Root nourishes the beneficial microorganisms in the colon. Chicory molecules are highly fermentable by select beneficial organisms in the large intestine or colon. Chicory is utilized by Bifidobacterium, Lactobacilli and other beneficial organisms in the colon, aids in healthy digestion, enhances the production of B-vitamins, enhances the uptake of calcium, magnesium and certain vitamins and reduces odors and has an index of 0 on the glycemic index. 

Canola Oil (USDA #1 Grade) is rich in Omega-3 and Vitamin E, contains less than half the saturated fat of any other vegetable oil, has a favorable mix of mono- and polyunsaturated fats, and like other vegetable oils contains no cholesterol. 

Yucca Root helps keep hips and joints healthy, helps avoid inflammation; reduces breath and stool odor and helps reduce skin disorders and eruptions. 

Peppermint (USDA #1 Grade) is a digestive aid, eases gas and bloat, is an energizer oxygenating the bloodstream and purifying the blood and helps control flatulence, diarrhea, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and Chrohn's disease. 

Parsley (USDA #1 Grade) contains high levels of beta carotene, vitamin B12, chlorophyll, calcium, more vitamin C than citrus fruits, aids digestion, supports the liver, kidneys and adrenal glands, purifies blood and body fluids, helps the body's defensive mechanisms; chokes negative bacteria and a great immune booster. 

Taurine is an essential amino acid which is not utilized in protein synthesis, but rather is found free or in simple peptides. Low levels of taurine are associated with cardiomyopathy, retinal degeneration, and growth retardation. 

Rose Hips (USDA #1 Grade) have 60 times more vitamin C than citrus fruit; treats muscle cramps, helps prevent and treat infections, curbs stress, builds and strengthen body tissues. 

Beta Carotene helps prevent eye problems, skin disorders, enhance immunity, protects against toxins and cancer formations, and infections. It is an antioxidant and protector of the cells while slowing the aging process. Beta-Carotene aids in cancer prevention. It is important in the formation of bones and teeth. 

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