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These hearty, meat packed buffalo stix are sourced from healthy and happy free range grass fed buffalo to stay as close to nature as possible while providing a long lasting holistic chew for your dog. Buffalo contains seventy to ninety percent less fat than beef, and as much as fifty percent less cholesterol so your puppy or adult dog can chew to their heart's content without getting sick or packing on the pounds! In addition to being healthier, Buffalo is an uncommon protein reducing the risk of allergies while remaining easy to digest.  



Product Reviews

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    My dog liked it, me not so much

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Aug 2016

    My dog really enjoyed this bone, but the SMELL! OMG. It was almost unbearable. He had almost finished it in a few hours, but when he was nearing the end of it it was really gooey and making a mess plus again the smell was pretty dreadful so I tossed it.